Square Acting

Getting ahead as a circle can be hard.

Acting square can make things easier.

But at what cost?

~ How To Play ~

  • Move left/right using the [left]/][right] arrows
  • Jump using [space]

You can become square by pressing [tab]. Once you change you'll stay that way for the rest of the level. When you're square you can:

  • Press [space] in the air to double-jump
  • Bop circles out of the way by landing on them

To get to the next level, go through the door that matches your shape.

~ About ~

This game was made (in far too much of a hurry) for the B&W Jam, with the theme: "You only realise the value of something when it's gone".

You're welcome to enjoy this game as a split-difficulty platformer; the square path is much easier than the circle.

But if you're so inclined, it's a (heavy handed) analogy for the cost of hiding who you are; to make a good impression at the interview, to fit in at the office party, to invite your boss over for dinner, to get that promotion to the top...

If you get stuck, you can check out the walkthrough video: 

~ Attributions ~

This game wouldn't be anywhere near as good without these great people sharing their work:


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Great game, worth a go! Might be worth keeping the split paths a secret for the player to discover.

Thanks - glad you enjoyed it- and stayed true to your circle-self ;)