~ SlideForm ~

Don't you hate it when some lazy jam developer can't even be bothered to finish making the level?

Luckily all that's left is to slide a few blocks into place...

~ How To Play ~

  • Walk left/right using [left]/[right] or [a]/[d]
  • Jump by pressing [space]/[n]
  • Blocks on sliding panels can be moved
  • You can tell when a block is on a sliding panel because the mouse cursor will change to a four-way point.
  • [Left click] on a sliding panel to slide it
  • Panels will prefer to slide towards the mouse (e.g. clicking on the right side of a panel will make it slide right), but will always find the next direction that isn't blocked.
  • Have fun making you way to the end of the level!
  • There's a special message for anyone who beats my 'low score' of 67 slides; but you'll have to find all the shortcuts first!

~ About ~

This game was made for the Weekly Game Jam 200, with the theme 'Control the Environment', with a redux edition for What-A-Jam! May 2021 with the theme 'Shortcuts', which introduces an optional challenge of getting to the end with the minimum number of slides!

Honestly, what I thought was a simple idea turned out to be incredibly difficult to execute; you may find bugs- feel free to report them!

~ Walkthrough ~

~ Attributions ~

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Puzzle
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Casual, Exploration, High Score, Pixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer, Retro, Short
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

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Awesome puzzle game. Very creative, nice visuals, nice music.

Cheers - glad you had fun!

This is a great game! They took a simple idea of a slide puzzle game and made it more interesting by being able to ride the block and create paths to further the character in its journey. The simplistic Gameboy art style looks really nice and I feel that the music and sound effects are a perfect fit for this puzzle game. Good Work!

Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Yo that song is a jam! It gets me into a thinking transic vibe. Loops really well too. 

For platforming I personally preferprefer my horizontal velocity not to be slowed that strongly when in air. And my jump to be a bit higher to make platforming feel better and also easier. Since the focus is not on tight platforming.

I had problems figuring out how to move the blocks. Yep I didn't read the wall of text controls :) To make it intuitive you can indicate the direction the block would move if I press lmb, with the mouse becoming an arrow pointing in that direction. 

Once I figured that out it become a lot more fun! Before I was struggling with that while really digging the puzzles that you created with that. They are really smart and have multiple solutions. I really like that for puzzle games. Well done!

Thanks for the feedback!

Glad you liked the puzzles. I had to do a few last-minute tweaks to the platforming after realising that if you could jump any higher/further you’d be able to jump your way out of a few puzzles; but I get what you mean. If I did it again I’d use larger panel sizes (4x4, etc.) so that I didn’t have to put those limits in!

Cool! The slide mechanic is unique and I love the music!

Thanks! Glad you liked the game.

THIS IS SUCH A ADORABLE GAME AAA!! its make me really happy!! 100000/10!!!

Thanks ٩(◕‿◕。)۶ !

very cool game, i would suggest trying to turn it into a full game with different levels, also for people with smoll brain, add a hint system.

Thanks! I’m glad you liked it!

Good point with the hints- I’ve added a walkthrough for now :D