Slice And Dice ~

Slice and Dice your way to matching the number, win points and earn the highest score!

How To Play

  • [ mouse left click ] to roll (change) the dice

  • [ mouse left click & drag across ] to slice through a dice

  • hold [ space ] to use "dice time" and slow things down

  • To score points make the dots match the number to win that many points.
  • The game ends when you've used up all your dice time.
  • Try and get the highest score! (and leave a comment with a screenshot to claim it!)

Alternatively, you can see the game in action here with the mouse captured:


This game wouldn't be anywhere near as good without these great people sharing their work:


Download 28 MB


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759086The high score is now mine!

Oh wow! Congratulations!

The high score is my now I forgot screen shot wait....

Hah- well- congratulations!

And so the highscore is mine!

Nice game, very original.

Implementation (click/slice detection) could have been better/more-responsive though.

The difficulty curve is pretty steep: it seemed way too hard at first, but I got the hang of it. I played 9 minutes according to Itch app.


Kudos - that’s good going :D

Hope you had fun on the way!