Rock Paper Scissors - Russian Rules

Rock beats scissors. Paper beats rock. Scissors beats paper. Loser gets shot.

Making your way through all three rounds is going to take more than luck.

12 hours ago you were in a room with all your opponents. Learn everything you can about them to work out if they're rock, paper or scissor people

~ Controls ~

Use the left and right buttons to see what everyone has to say. Once you think you know everything, hold circle ([Z] on keyboard) to start the tournament.

For each of the three rounds, use left and right to choose your move, and then press circle ([Z]) to play the round. Rock beats scissors. Paper beats rock. Scissors beats paper.

~ Hints ~

Highlight the "invisible" text below to get some hints, if you need them :)

You should be able to work what job a lot of people do, which will give you a hint for whether they spend a lot of time with rocks, paper or scissors.

Don't worry about Geoff. You saw him die in the introduction.

Use the descriptions (t-shirt colour, gender, etc.) that people give to narrow others down.

You might think a Mayor does a lot of paper work, but what has she been doing all day?

There's only a few guys in blue, and one of them doesn't sound depressed.

Shh... Being a librarian sure is a quiet job.

New girlfriend? And to think, someone else just lost one.

Tailors are forever using scissors, and always do the best t-shirt logos. It should be easy to spot who's wearing the same ones.

Would you give your ex-girlfriend's new partner a paper boat?

Don't ask me how, but rock, paper and scissors are equally represented.

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(3 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
Tags8-Bit, Casual, Detective, PICO-8, Short, weekly-game-jam
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Touchscreen


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Fun little game!

The hints are quite cryptic, and there are a lot of people to remember, but that adds to the difficulty of the game.


Thanks, glad you liked it.

I was going to add a way of adding notes in game, but- alas, a week is not a long time in development!

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I wasn't sure about three of them, but I got lucky and I made it! ...on my second try.

This is a great little game. The small intro and the shooting animation really help setting the tone. Even losing is fun because of it :)

Thanks :)

Glad you made your way through it!