You are a ball that is invincible, some of the time.

Use to arrow keys to make it to the end goal (green block) while avoiding death (red blocks) when vulnerable.


This game was made for Weekly Game Jam 157: Vulnerable Invincible and marks my first time using Unity.

Temper your expectations accordingly:)


Fonts: Thaleah Fat

Shader: Snapshot Shaders Pro

Made withUnity
Tags3D Platformer, Casual, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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Cool mechanic and clever choice of the game name ;)

I just could not beat this level :)

Thanks- Aww- that’s that last one :) It is a bit of a difficulty spike though; I did mena for there to be a few more levels working up to it :)

Nice take on the theme, slick visuals and plays well on controller!

Thanks - glad you enjoyed it!