Catch the Boss! Let's just hope they play fair and don't demand a do-over...


  • Use arrows or WASD to move
  • Spacebar to jump
  • Q/E to rotate the camera


  • Look for the boss (they're the red guys!)
  • Avoid the spikes and try not to fall off the world
  • Use the red buttons to raise and drop the water level
  • You can bob along the water
  • Open gates by collecting the near-by triangle keys
  • Collect all the gold blocks to for a secret ending!


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Beat the game with the secret ending! Awesome visuals and fun mechanics. I really liked the how the water worked. How did you make that?

Thanks, and well done!

I actually put all my code on my Github. It’s a bit of a hatchet job (because weekly game jam!) but it’s effectively an anti-gravity that applies:


It did a really nice effect, I always tent to let unity handle the physics but I liked how you implemented it

Thanks- yeah, this time I was using the Character Controller, which meant I had to control the physics, but that was lucky for me as it made the buoyancy model much easier :)

Nice job, very cool graphics and mechanics! I finished :)

Thanks, and congratulations! :D