Dr Circle has trapped you in this underground lair!

Little do they know that a True Block can escape from anywhere.

It's time to block-n-roll!

~~ Controls ~~

Use the left and right directional buttons to roll.

If you get stuck hold [z] or [x] to restart.

~~ Tips ~~

  • Any green block is you!
  • To complete a level, stand on the goal (black/white chequered) blocks
  • When you touch a yellow block it'll join with you and change your shape
  • If you complete a line of blocks (black, green or yellow) they'll disappear
  • To win, complete all six levels!


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Really cool! Would love to play a version with more levels :)

Thanks! It’s definitely a concept I’d want to explore beyond the weekly game jam :)

that last level is clever!

thanks! glad you got through it all :)