~ Beach Defenders ~

It's a thankless task defending the beach against the relentless tide.

Especially when you're a crab that can't swim!

Dig up the beach to build up sandbanks to keep you, and the kid-crabs, safe from the ever-shifting sea.

~ How To Play ~

  • [Up]/[Down]/[Left]/[Right] - Move around the beach
  • [X]/[Z] - Dig up / put down sand
  • Dig-up sand and then put it down to form sandbanks against the incoming tide
  • A sandbank will collapse when the tide pulls back
  • You can't swim, so if the sea reaches you, it'll be game over.
  • Protect the kid-crabs - they also can't swim! - and if you lose more than four it'll be game over.
  • Water will flow along the trenches created by the holes you dig.
  • Try and survive for as many tides as you can!

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