In a desperate moonshot for salvation, you were launched into space. But your ship catches fire and plummets down into an acrimonious little village.

As you adventure to find all the parts to fix your ship, just maybe you can bring this little village back together again too.

Are you ready to attempt another moonshot?

~ Controls ~


  • up/down/left/right arrows - move/select/push
  • z/x - talk, choose, swish sword, swing, pick-up/put-down log


(See screenshots for animated examples)

  • Press [z/x] when near people to start talking, and use [up]/[down] and [z/x] to pick responses.
  • Press [z/x] to swish your sword and cut down long grass and then walk over coins to collect them.
  • Press [z/x] when near a colour changer to cycle to the next colour. Blocks matching that colour will then disappear to open up new paths.
  • Press [z/x] to pickup items like tools and trophies.
  • When holding tools you'll need to sneak past the farmers when they're not looking. Don't forget that fences can be seen through!
  • Press [z/x] when near a hook to swing across. If a hook is stuck (surrounded by red) you'll need to swish your sword ([z/x]) at it first to dislodge it. 
  • Press [z/x] when close to a log to pick it up, and then [z/x] when near water to put it back down again
  • Walk into the monolith to push it along the grey paths or over placed logs. If you get stuck talk to the monolith to reset its position.
  • You can switch off the music by clicking the sound button on the right hand side or pressing [ctrl+m]

~ Notes ~

This game takes about 30 minutes to complete. If you need help, you can see a complete walkthrough here:

It was made for the Game Off 2020 game jam, and ended up being much more work than I had intended! I've tried my best, but no doubt there'll be bugs. If you get into a game breaking bug and need to reset, take heart- you can 'cheat' your way to the final dungeon (highlight to reveal how): ;[[talk to the gate 10 times and it'll offer you the option to 'force it'.]].


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May I ask what tools you used to create this? It looks like with the screen ratio and toolbar on the side this is some framework/engine specifically for retro game development? Thank you.

(1 edit)

Sure- I used PICO-8 ( ).

It’s a low-bit fantasy console, which I find is good for jams because it keeps everything very constrained and has all the editors, etc. built in to one place. (It’s biggest claim to fame is it was what the original Celeste was written on).

Thanks for the direction! Will definitely try that in the future.